The Bidders

These companies have bid on our prisons in New Hampshire.

Corrections Corporation of America

Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee
Lobbyists in New Hampshire: 4
Publicly held, ticker: CXW
Revenues 2011: $1.7 billion
Profits 2011: $162.5 million
CEO Salary: $3.7 million
Share earnings 2011: $1.54 per share

Corrections Corporation of America, headquartered in Tennessee, is the world’s biggest private prison company. If CCA were a state prison system, it would rank #4 in size, behind the US government, California, Texas and Florida. CCA currently owns and operates more than 65 facilities with a capacity of 90,000 beds in 19 states and the District of Columbia.

One recent problem: May 2012, Adams County, Mississippi (contract with federal Bureau of Prisons):
Information is barely trickling out from this highly secretive environment. We know that one officer died and twenty people were injured in a bloody riot. The fragments of information suggest a boiling over after a long pattern of abuse and neglect. According to one person in custody: “They always beat us and hit us. We just pay them back. We’re trying to get better food, medical, programs, clothes, and we’re trying to get some respect from the officers and lieutenants.” Read More Here.

The Geo Group
Headquarters: Boca Raton, Florida
Lobbyists in New Hampshire: 3
Publicly held: GEO
Revenues 2011: $ 1.6 billion
Profits 2011: $ $78.6 million
CEO Salary: $5.7 million
Share earnings 2011: $1.23 per share

The Geo Group, headquartered in Florida, is the second largest prison company in the field. Formerly known as Wackenhut Corrections, the 2010 acquisition of the Cornell Corrections Companies moved CCA and Geo together far above any remaining competition. Geo has a capacity of 80,000 secure beds, plus additional capacity in electronic monitoring, community supervision and residential treatment centers.

One recent problem: March 2012, Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility, Mississippi:
The US Department of Justice investigation found a “cesspool of unconstitutional and inhuman acts and conditions,” including staff beating inmates, having sex with them, and giving favors to those with the same gang affiliations. In approving settlement of a lawsuit, the judge declared: “The sum of these actions and inactions … paints a picture of such horror as should be unrealized anywhere in the civilized world.” Read More Here.

Management Training Corporation (MTC)
Headquarters: Centerville, Utah
Lobbyists in New Hampshire: 3

MTC is smaller and newer than its primary rivals. It was virtually unknown until the murderous escapes from Kingman prison in Arizona.

MTC is privately owned, so far less information about revenues, profits and executive compensation is available.

One recent problem: July 2010, Kingman, Arizona.
Three prisoners escaped from a medium security facility, kidnapped two truck drivers and murdered two tourists. Arizona’s review found bulbs burned out on light poles, an unsupervised perimeter, and an alarm system that sounded so many false alarms (89 times in the 16 hour study period) that staff disregarded it. Nearly 80 percent of the staff was new or newly promoted, many with minimal training or less than three months on the job. Read More Here.

Hunt Justice Group
This is a new partnership under the lead of the Hunt Companies of El Paso, Texas, a construction firm specializing in military housing and new to corrections. The other primary partner is Lasalle Corrections, also of Texas, which currently manages twelve facilities in Texas and Louisiana. Six other companies in the Hunt Justice bid have skills in architecture, engineering or information technology.

Hunt Justice Group has no track record.

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