A list of reports with relevant information and figures on private prisons:

An Assessment of the Risks and Benefits of Prison Privatization by the Citizens’ Advisory Board of the New Hampshire State Prison for Women.

CNBC Special “Billions Behind Bars“ – a documentary that investigates the profits and inner workings of the multi-billion dollar corrections industry.

“Private Prisons: The Public’s Problem” — report by the American Friends Service Committee in Arizona, February 2012.

Prison Bed Profiteers: How Corporations Are Reshaping Criminal Justice in the U.S.National Center on Crime and Delinquency, 5/14/2012

Pitfalls and Promises: The Real Risks to Residents and Taxpayers of Privatizing Prisons and Prison Services in MichiganMichigan Corrections Organization, et al, 2/14/2012

Too Good to be True: Private Prisons in AmericaThe Sentencing Project, 1/13/2012

Prison privatization risks higher costs for OhioPolicy Matters Ohio, 12/15/2011

Gaming the System: How the Political Strategies of Private Prison Companies Promote Ineffective Incarceration PoliciesJustice Policy Institute, 2011

Cells for Sale: Understanding Prison Costs and SavingsOhio Policy Matters, 2011

Prisons for Profit: A Look at Private PrisonsACLU of Ohio Foundation, 2011

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