Report: Private prisons in Mississippi see high number of assaults

Mississippi: Report details high number of prison assaults in the state’s privately-run prisons, which have two to three times more assaults than state run prisons. “In Mississippi, three companies have operated six prisons over the years: The GEO Group, Corrections Corporation of America, and Management and Training Corp. However, The GEO Group, which ran Walnut Grove and two other prisons, left the state in 2012. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration filed a complaint in December 2011 against the East Mississippi Correctional Facility alleging employees were exposed to violence due to staff shortage and inadequate staff training. The GEO Group, which ran the prison, was fined more than $100,000.” This past Saturday one inmate died and several were injured in fights at the Corrections Corporation of America-run Wilkinson County Correctional facility.

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